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FROM THE PRESIDENT: Our Growing Collaboration with You as Your Trusted Agent

by | May 31, 2014 | Clearinghouse News, Opinion |

Over twenty-one years ago, the registrar community helped form the Clearinghouse with a simple principle in mind: establish a trusted and secure environment through which to relieve the administrative burdens related to school compliance-based activities for the benefit of students, administrators, institutions, and data requestors (the federal government). Over the years, the registrar community expanded the Clearinghouse’s role in relieving administrative burdens, moving it beyond federal interactions. In the process, a strong bond was forged between the registrar’s office and the Clearinghouse. Our mission to serve you, your students, and your institution remains the core of our organizational emphasis, as it has through the years.

Whether interacting on your behalf with the Department of Education regarding the implementation of changes (such as, the new 150% rule) or coordinating with AACRAO to develop impact assessments of proposed rule changes on your work burdens, the Clearinghouse consistently canvasses our 3,600 participating institutions to ensure all points of view get air time. Our recent testimony before the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs is the most recent example of our tight collaboration.

Our mission to serve you, your students, and your institution remains the core of our organizational emphasis, as it has through the years.

The depth of our engagement with higher education was highlighted by our ability to draw on various sources within the postsecondary community to gather the information that informed our testimony. We are grateful to our Clearinghouse Advisory Committee for bringing the administrative work burdens related to veteran matriculation, tuition reimbursement, transfers, etc., to our attention a year ago. In addition, over the past year, several Clearinghouse staff members, including myself, have gone on “listening” tours, talking with numerous registrars and other administrators to nail down the pain points related to veterans’ issues and, as importantly, identify potential near-term remedies. Our participation in the Million Records Project provided an opening for us to bring forth the administrative issues with which you’ve been struggling. It also allowed us to identify potential solutions for leveraging the Clearinghouse, on your behalf, to meet federal requirements and eliminate these pain points, which would also benefit veterans, school veteran administrators, institutions, the VA, and the Department of Defense. We will continue to follow up to ensure we gain traction in these areas.

I want to give a special shout-out to Brenda Selman (University of Missouri-Columbia), Carol Fleisher (University of Missouri), Scott Owczarek (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Shelby Stanfi (University of Texas-Austin), Marc Barker (Colorado State University), and Chris Knauer (University of North Carolina-Charlotte), who shared their expert administrative resources and helped us crystallize our submission to the Committee.

The Clearinghouse is always looking for ways to better serve your students, your office, and your school. Thank you for the TRUST you have placed in us. Please know that we value each and every relationship we have established over the years. I look forward to the opportunity to see and talk with more of you as I continue my listening tours. I find them to be a priceless source of information and relationship building.

Ricardo (Rick) Torres
President & CEO
National Student Clearinghouse