Our Digital Life and Cyber Security Awareness

Our Digital Life and Cyber Security Awareness

by | Nov 4, 2015 | Financial Aid Services, Research Services, Transcript & Data Exchange Services, Verification Services |

Daylight Savings Time isn’t just when America turns its clock back one hour, it’s a great annual reminder to think about changing your technologies’ passwords and being cyber secure too.

As the Internet connects our lives, data and devices with a multitude of other points, now being referred to as “The Internet of Things,” it is as important as ever to secure your personal devices, data, and personal space. This includes your home, home-office, or dorm room.

What is the “Internet of Things?” The network of things that we use in our daily personal and professional lives that are connected to the Internet, which may expand to include as many as 50 billion devices or more by 2020.

The National Student Clearinghouse recognizes there are many sites that provide common sense security best practices. However, these digital security tips and link to the “Stop. Think. Connect.” toolkit, provided by Homeland Security, may have some recommendations you may not have previously seen or considered. It’s worth checking out.