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Creating Alert Messages in Verification Services

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Clearinghouse Academy, Clearinghouse News, Verification Services |

Q: Can schools set up alert messages and notifications for verification requestors? If so, where are they located and how can we edit them?


A: Yes, schools can set up alert messages for verification requestors. You can find these alert messages on the Verification Services tab of the school secure site. Select the View/Edit Alert Messages link located on the right to view your school’s alert messages. Examples of available alert messages include the pending alert message, custom degree message, and custom enrollment message. Select the appropriate hyperlink for the alert message you’d like to edit.

For more details, view our online tutorial, “Managing Requestor Alerts,” on our Clearinghouse Academy site.

Check out the Verification Services tutorials, including “Managing Requestor Alerts,” on our Clearinghouse Academy site.