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Use Advanced Registration Certificates to Help Your Students Get Ready for Fall

by | Jul 19, 2016 | EnrollmentVerify, Student Self-Service, Verification Services |

Did you know that if your institution participates in our free Student Self-Service, you can enable pre-registered students to print enrollment certificates online before the fall term starts? Students can use Advanced Registration Certificates to get discounts on laptops or other devices, use as proof of enrollment for apartment leases, and more. It’s a great way for you to help your students get ready for the upcoming fall term while freeing your staff from performing pre-enrollment verifications.

Through our Advanced Registration reporting option, your school can submit records of students who have pre-registered for the upcoming term using your current extract program. You aren’t required to submit a schedule and can submit new records as often as you like, which helps keep your data fresh. Advanced Registration data is available for verification through Student Self-Service on the same day you submit it to the Clearinghouse until the first day of the term. Instructions for submitting your Advanced Registration files are available in our Enrollment Reporting Programming & Testing Guide.

If you don’t participate in free Student Self-Service, contact your Clearinghouse rep to sign up or learn more..

Advanced Registration Certificates are a great way for you to help your students get ready for the upcoming fall term.