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Students with Bachelor’s Degrees Enrolling in Two-Year Institutions Reaches a New Low but Biology, Psychology, and Health Professions Enrollment Increases

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Research Reports, Research Services, Snapshot Reports |

According to a recent National Student Clearinghouse® Research Center Snapshot Report™, “Two-Year Enrollment after Bachelor’s Degree,” the percentage of bachelor’s degree earners who subsequently enroll in two-year institutions has fallen to the lowest levels in 14 years.

For students who earned a bachelor’s degree in the 2013-14 academic year, only 5.8 percent went on to enroll in a two-year institution. This downward trend applies to public, private, and for-profit institutions, and for all ages and genders.

“The Great Recession compelled many individuals to return to college,” said Doug Shapiro, Executive Research Director of the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. “Upon earning their bachelor’s degrees, those students typically did not seek further training at two-year institutions.”


Of the 10 most common fields of study for bachelor’s degrees, only graduates in biology, psychology, and health professions have continued to enroll in two-year institutions at roughly pre-recession levels.