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Live Webinar Series Launches! Check Out Our October Schedule

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Financial Aid Services, Research Services, Transcript & Data Exchange Services, Verification Services |

This month, the Clearinghouse is launching a live webinar series as part of our Clearinghouse Academy, our centralized online source for training and user resources. All our webinars, which are designed to help you better understand and use your Clearinghouse services, will be conducted by subject matter experts and highly experienced staff members from across the Clearinghouse’s operations, compliance, and secondary and postsecondary services areas, including our regional directors and others. We have a full roster of webinars lined up for October. You can register for one or more of them at the links below.

Our 60-minute webinars cover all our services and will be repeated monthly — some more than once a month — throughout the year, so you can select the date and time option most convenient to you. Recordings will also be posted, when available, for on-demand viewing.

You can sign up and learn more about the webinars below and future ones, as well as upcoming conferences and presentations in which the Clearinghouse is participating on the events calendar on our Clearinghouse Academy page.

Register Now for Our October Webinars

Enrollment Reporting

Holding Hands: Maximizing your Compliance & Enrollment Reporting through Partnership between Financial Aid & Registrar Offices
Get a comprehensive look at the Clearinghouse’s Enrollment Reporting service as it relates to financial aid and registrar offices, including how to get the most out of your partnership with the Clearinghouse. For registrar and financial aid staff.

Enrollment Reporting: The Case of the Perpetual Student
Learn how to report your students after they’ve graduated and continued on into a new program at your institution. For seasoned users in the registrar’s office.

Discover the Clearinghouse: The Evolving Enrollment & Compliance Reporting Landscape
Explore the Clearinghouse’s partnership with FSA and NSLDS, how regulations evolve into system enhancements, and what it means for you. You’ll also learn how the data flows end-to-end and about upcoming enhancements and strategies for the ever-changing world of enrollment reporting. For all institutional users.

StudentTracker for High Schools

Introduction to StudentTracker for High Schools
Get a high-level overview of the Clearinghouse, what StudentTracker for High Schools is, what this means for you, and how you can leverage this service. For new StudentTracker for High Schools users.

Transcript Services

Colleague Automated eTranscripts Solution Best Practices & Support
This webinar includes a walk-through of how students and alumni place orders, high-level overview of Colleague eTranscripts processing screens, and a review of the Clearinghouse Transcript Services tab, including how to view and search orders, review attachments, and run reports. We’ll also cover some best practices and available support resources. For new Colleague eTranscripts users.

Learn about the Benefits of Ellucian eTranscripts
Learn how you and your customers can benefit from the Clearinghouse’s Ellucian eTranscripts service. See a walk-through of the student ordering and school user experiences and hear from other schools who have implemented eTranscripts. For institutions considering eTranscripts.

Learn about the Benefits of Transcript Services
Learn how your institution and customers can benefit by using Transcript Services with the Clearinghouse. See a walk-through of the student ordering and the school user experiences, plus hear about other schools who have implemented Transcript Services at their school and the results they’ve achieved. For institutions considering Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering.

Transcript Services Training for New Staff of Non-Automation Schools
Learn how Transcript Services works: its features, functions, daily processes, and available support resources. Get a look at the student ordering process and how schools process orders, search orders, run reports, customize welcome page, as well as best practices and support. For new and seasoned Clearinghouse Transcript Services users.

Verification Services

Getting to Know Your DegreeVerify Requestors
Learn more about requestors and their pursuit of your qualified alumni. During this session, we’ll discuss the requestor’s experience: what they see, how they make a request, what they have access to, and the purpose of their request. For new DegreeVerify users.

Learn about the DegreeVerify Service
Learn how your institution, staff, and customers can benefit by using DegreeVerify. We’ll review the purpose of DegreeVerify, how it works, how it can enable Student Self-Service, and supercharge the StudentTracker service. For institutions active with Enrollment Reporting, but not using DegreeVerify.

Respond for Results: Learn Our Best Practices and Get the Most Out of Your DegreeVerify Service
Save time and resources by utilizing DegreeVerify to your advantage. Join us to review best practices for working your pending verifications, managing requestors, and leveraging the tools and resources available. For seasoned DegreeVerify users.


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