X-Status Enhancement Now Live

X Marks the Spot! X-Status Enhancement Now Live

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Financial Aid Services |

The 150 percent Direct Loan regulations in 2014 ushered in a new age of compliance reporting creating a heightened focus on accurate and complete student program-level data. As a result, many schools must correct data that they previously reported incorrectly.

During the summer, the Clearinghouse notified our participating institutions that we were developing an enhancement to enable the Clearinghouse to accept and report out X status to NSLDS. Through this enhancement, the Clearinghouse can better support our schools in their efforts to correct historical errors and maintain high quality compliance data.

We are happy to announce that the X-status functionality is now live!

At the program level, X status is most frequently used to invalidate incorrectly reported information, so it can be replaced with new program information. Per the NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guide, “If you have confirmed and thus certified enrollment information containing the incorrect CIP [for example], you will need to inactivate the record by reporting a ‘Never Attended’ or ‘X’ status with a later certification date and add a new program with the correct CIP code.”

The much-needed added flexibility provided by our new X-status enhancement will enable schools that participate in the Clearinghouse to maintain even higher standards of data integrity and ensure NSLDS receives accurate compliance reports.

For information on how to use X status to correct student data in your school’s enrollment files, please see the following resources:

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