Are You Ready for January Peak Transcript Processing?

Are You Ready for January Peak Transcript Processing?

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Transcript & Data Exchange Services, Uncategorized |

Did you know that January is typically one of the busiest months for transcript orders?

Although your office may close for the holidays, your students and alumni will stay busy submitting orders for you to process as soon as your office reopens. That’s in addition to the new orders that will arrive daily for processing after the New Year.

One of the best ways to get ready for January peak transcript processing is to customize your Transcript Ordering welcome page. This allows you to provide useful information and guidance that is displayed to your students and alumni before they place their orders. This will help set expectations and reduce questions.

You can use the custom welcome message feature to alert your students and alumni to:

  • Holiday office closings
  • System upgrades and downtimes
  • Your transcript fees, delivery methods, and hold policy
  • Any other specific transcript ordering instructions

For more, see the instructions for customizing your welcome message in the Secure Site User’s Guide available in the Transcript Services Resource Center on our secure site or just follow these simple steps:

  • From the Transcript Services tab in the school secure site, select the Administrative tab.
  • Enter your updated message and add formatting (bold, underline, etc.).
  • After you review your message, select save.

As soon as you save your custom text, it becomes immediately visible to your students and alumni on your Transcript Ordering welcome page, and can be updated instantly at any time.

One more tip, if you have new staff starting in the New Year, who need assistance learning Transcript Ordering or our other services, make sure you check out the helpful tutorials on our Clearinghouse Academy site.

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