It’s Automatic! Closing Duplicate DegreeVerify Pending Requests Faster

It’s Automatic! Closing Duplicate DegreeVerify Pending Requests Faster

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Verification Services |

Wouldn’t it be great if someone understood how busy you are and made it their mission to reduce your work burdens and save you time and resources? That’s what the Clearinghouse does for schools every day!

Our newest solution is for DegreeVerify. We are implementing two DegreeVerify automation-based back-end enhancements that will help reduce the number of requests submitted to your school for research (commonly known as pending requests).

  1. All duplicate pending requests for the same student at the same school will be automatically closed once the initial one is resolved. Any matching open pendings will disappear from your queue, ensuring your school doesn’t research the same request more than once.
  2. Each degree file we receive from you will be automatically checked against all open pending requests to see if any can be immediately closed as confirmed. Not only will you save valuable staff time, but your students and alumni will qualify for employment and discounts faster.

We’re excited about sharing these improvements with you and look forward to your active participation in working with the Clearinghouse to jointly assist your students and alumni. If you aren’t already using our free DegreeVerify service, contact your Clearinghouse regional director to learn how you, your students, and alumni can benefit from it.