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StudentTracker for High Schools Reporting Frequency

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Research Services, StudentTracker for High Schools |

Our High Schools Q&A series answers some of the most common questions we receive from high schools, public school districts, outreach programs, and other secondary educators across the country.

Q: When do StudentTracker for High Schools reports usually come out? Are we notified when they are available?

A: StudentTracker for High Schools reports are matched three times per year around an effective date. This date is determined based on the amount of enrollment data we receive from our postsecondary institutions each semester.

Though dates can fluctuate annually, reports are typically available during the following timeframes:

  • Fall report: Mid-November
  • Spring report: Mid-April
  • Summer report: Mid-August

Fall reports are matched and automatically sent to your secure FTP account. Spring and summer results are matched and a notification is sent to your StudentTracker report contacts when reports become available.

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