Improving the Transcript Ordering Experience for Students

Improving the Transcript Ordering Experience for Students

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Transcript & Data Exchange Services, Transcript Ordering |

Students are busy people with lots of demands on their time. That’s why the Clearinghouse regularly looks for ways to improve students’ experience with our Transcript Services. When we were planning and developing our most recent enhancements, we went right to the source: the students.

The Clearinghouse solicited student feedback via an extensive transcript customer service satisfaction survey. In addition, we reviewed comments and questions received via our social media channels from students and alumni, who have used our Transcript Services. We also analyzed the transcript-related questions coming into our Customer Service department.

The result? More than 20 enhancements to the student transcript ordering process, including:

  • Reducing miskeying errors and typos
  • Improving Chrome browser compatibility
  • Making online help easier to access
  • Streamlining PDF downloading
  • Upfront system requirement identification

Take a look at how we’ve improved the student transcript experience.

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