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See You in New Orleans to Advance Student Success!

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Research Services, StudentTracker, Transcript & Data Exchange Services |

Clearinghouse staff members are traveling to New Orleans for AACRAO’s Technology & Transfer Conference on July 9-11 to help higher education leaders with student success, transfer, and outcomes, especially as institutions recruit and retain diverse, knowledgeable, and mobile populations.

“The Clearinghouse and the Research Center, which sponsor the conference, desire to hear your challenges and improve student success and institutional effectiveness in innovative, transformational ways,” said Jonell Sanchez, Vice President of the Clearinghouse’s Education Services. “Meet with us at booth #303 or during one of our sessions so we can listen to your needs and share with you all the ways we are working to help you be successful, like our new StudentTracker Premium Service.”

Clearinghouse sessions include:

Tracking Transfer: New metrics for institutional partnerships

Sunday, July 9 from 1-2 pm, Gallier Room

The transfer pathway from community college to a bachelor’s degree has never been more important, but it remains ineffective for too many students. A 2016 report by researchers at Teachers College, Aspen Institute and the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center introduced a new lens for understanding and measuring transfer student outcomes at the state level, and also for sending and receiving institutions. In this session, you will learn about the data and research, then discover how updated benchmarks coming from the Research Center in September will enable you to measure and compare your own institution’s transfer partnerships using the latest national and state-level metrics.

Now We’re Cooking with Gas! The Clearinghouse’s Next Generation Experience

Sunday, July 9 from 2:15-3:15 pm, Bayside B Room

The Clearinghouse has invested in a design thinking approach to deliver new enhancements across our services that streamline, automate, and enable data-driven decisions. You will learn more about how we are benefiting the transfer process through our enhanced reverse transfer resources, new data elements fostered around a holistic student experience, revamped student outcomes reporting, and launch of a student hub.

Join the Transcript Revolution: Too much work and not enough staff? We can help!

Monday, July 10 from 8:15-9:15 am, Southdown Room

Would you like to use your staff resources for services other than printing and mailing transcripts? Are your students requesting electronically delivered transcripts? Join the nearly 900 schools using the Clearinghouse’s Transcript Services. We have solutions for schools of all sizes and information systems. Nearly 300 schools are utilizing our full automation/integration options. And we can print and mail your printed transcripts on your behalf. Implementations can be done in as little as two weeks…at no cost.

Piloting National Student Clearinghouse’s Reverse Transfer System in Maryland

Monday, July 10 from 10-11 am, Bayside B Room

With a focus on data exchange and eliminating manual processes, the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) and the Clearinghouse are helping to remove the barriers and inefficiencies in reverse transfer, and help students receive the credentials they earned. This session will provide an overview of and an update on the pilot process between UMUC and the College of Southern Maryland, and other Maryland community colleges, with a focus on lessons learned and next steps in UMUC’s Reverse Transfer program.

“Meet with us at booth #303 or during one of our sessions so we can listen to your needs and share with you all the ways we are working to help you be successful, like our new StudentTracker Premium Service.”

Jonell Sanchez
Vice President of the Clearinghouse’s Education Services