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California Futures Foundation Uses StudentTracker to Determine College Attainment and Strengthen Education Access

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Research Services, StudentTracker |

For those in education, the Clearinghouse provides a variety of services and tools designed to help achieve goals regarding student success. As president and CEO of the College Futures Foundation, Julia Lopez sought to make college education more accessible to low-income students throughout California. According to a recent article published in Diverse: Issues In Higher Education magazine, the foundation originally provided approximately 5,000 scholarships to these students by funding college access programs.

Seeking to gain more insight, Lopez turned to the National Student Clearinghouse to track the students funded by College Futures. By using the StudentTracker® service, she transformed the organization’s method from merely serving as a financial grantor to facilitating and tracking data on college attainment.

The College Future Foundation used StudentTracker to identify issues and then implement changes within California institutions and policies to open more doors for students seeking to earn a college degree. “We were looking for kids who might not otherwise go to college. You fall in love with them and see the light in their eye. And as we followed them we began to see those hurdles; what happens when they enter the system — two-year community colleges and four-year colleges, which in California are primarily the public system,” said Lopez. “We are trying to be a thoughtful, strategic evidenced-based partner, helping to lay out some of the issues and challenges.”¹

The College Future Foundation used StudentTracker to reveal issues and then implement changes within California institutions and policies to open more doors for students seeking to earn a college degree.

Whether your organization involves high schools, colleges and universities, or education outreach programs, the Clearinghouse can help you accomplish your initiatives. As the only source for nationwide student outcomes information, StudentTracker provides you with the reliable data you need to gain a better understanding of the students you serve.

The Clearinghouse is releasing StudentTracker Premium Service this fall, as an introductory trial solution. Premium Service includes additional student-level detail, a more efficient ability to re-run previously submitted files, a convenient repository of individual versions of our Research Center’s national reports, and dynamic visualizations that enable institutions to “print and present” with little effort.

To learn more about StudentTracker, visit

If you are at an institution that already uses or is considering using StudentTracker for Colleges & Universities, make sure you check out the new features the Clearinghouse is introducing.

¹ “Julia Lopez Opening Doors to College in California.” Diverse: Issues In Higher Education, July 3, 2017.

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