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Clearinghouse Welcomes 2018 Summer Interns

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Announcements, Clearinghouse News |

Each summer, the National Student Clearinghouse selects paid interns from universities around the country to work closely with staff and management on various projects. This year, the Clearinghouse selected nine interns who will work in a variety of departments, including finance, product management, corporate communications, IT, legal, data excellence & operations, education services, and cyber security, to advance our mission and benefit students through real-world experience.

“The Clearinghouse’s summer internship program provides a rewarding and meaningful professional opportunity and practical work experience to college students while also growing our future entry-level talent pipeline,” said Kelly Antoniadis, manager, talent acquisition and development, human resources for the Clearinghouse. “We look for students who will integrate well with our corporate culture.”

Additionally, interns work collaboratively on a group project to help generate awareness of the Clearinghouse to all learners through hands-on research, and deliver their findings at the end of the program to internal stakeholders.

“I chose to intern at the Clearinghouse because of the education that this position could offer me in terms of coming up with ideas for, and producing visual content on a deadline. I expect to leave the Clearinghouse with a better understanding of all of the services that we provide and a better understanding of how to portray that to others through video,” said Ryanne Whyte, corporate communications intern from the University of Alabama. “My first impression is that absolutely everyone I’ve met here has been super sweet and welcoming, and I’m pretty excited to learn more about the roles of the other departments.”

Eric Michelsen, a finance and risk management intern from the University of South Carolina, is excited to work for a non-profit after working at a large corporation last summer. “I am pleased with how friendly and welcoming everyone has been. I expect to gain more experience in the applications of finance in risk management in the real world, and I hope I am able to help add value to the Clearinghouse as well. I am really looking forward to the rest of the summer!”

Jaqueline Schultz is a Business Information Technology and Finance major at Virginia Tech University. “I chose the Clearinghouse because I have a genuine appreciation for the work that this company is involved in, and the lasting impact that is has and continues to foster in the educational community. I hope to receive hands-on experience that allows me to put in-class skills to the test in a professional sense. I’m very excited and happy to be part of the team this summer!”

National Student Clearinghouse Summer Interns 2018

Left to Right: Bryant Farley, Nikita Gill, Ryanne White, Justin Davisson, Nathan Clingman, Eric Michelson, Jacqueline Schultz

Campbell Schweickhardt, Mitchell Khadern